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IQE Real Estate - Private Dinner

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Moira McHarrie, Executive Director, and Steve McCafferty, Associate Director, recently hosted a private dinner at Durrants Hotel, London for senior stakeholders from the UK real estate sector.

Guests included property investors, developers, legal representatives, tax and advisory professionals. Gathering first hand market opinion from the senior, experienced professionals around the table led to in-depth discussions regarding international investor demand, the consistent demand for prime London assets and the influx of Eastern European and Asian families seeking high end residential properties. There was also fervent debate around institutional appetite for significant commercial assets and the broader on-going challenges around securing both debt and equity.

IQE takes a proactive approach in working with both clients and the market and our experience across the commercial and residential sectors allows us to actively and accurately undertake the management, administration and support of the corporate structures. Steve McCafferty commented; "Our International real estate clients remain active investors in the London and European markets and despite the on-going difficulties, over the last 24 months, they have been able to take advantage of opportunities, very often because they are self-funding both acquisitions on dry investments and development projects.  This has allowed them to move swiftly on completions which of course, make them attractive to vendors for the same reason. We have developed a dynamic dialogue with a number of our clients around their investment appetite for this sector and our work with the London professionals ensures we get early sight of assets coming to the market."

Reflecting on the private dinner, Moira McHarrie added, "We believe this type of approach is increasingly important for all professional counterparties that are engaged in this market.  As Directors of both holding and real estate development companies, it is essential that we stay engaged with the market, clients and advisors."

For more information on real estate, please contact Steve McCafferty on tel +44 (0)7624 490561 or email

We have the expertise to assist with multi-jurisdictional fiduciary services for international structures

Simcocks Advocates have worked closely with IQE on both real estate and other private and commercial transactions over a number of years, and from our experience, IQE always strive to deliver the highest standards of service to both private and corporate clients alike. Their attention to detail, strong work ethic and listed corporate governance experience set them apart from other service providers. Phil Games, CEO, Simcocks Advocates Limited

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