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IQE provides family office services to manage the diverse and complex wealth stewardship requirements of families. A genuine understanding of the relationships and the needs of the family members are at the core of our services which are bespoke to meet these requirements.

As a multi family office our clients benefit from the economies of scale whilst being assured of a personal service where their needs are given priority.  IQE is independent which enables us to support the family and act in their best interests.  We understand the importance of wealth preservation for each generation in addition to caring for the needs of the family.

IQE can offer concierge services in addition to which the following are available:

1. Financial planning

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Wills
  • Inheritance and estate planning

2. Wealth distribution

  • Gifts and distributions
  • Philanthropy – understanding the family's interests, making regular contributions, arranging exposure and education for family members perhaps through voluntary work
  • Grant making foundation

3. Family assistance

  • Family constitution 
  • Succession planning 
  • Consolidated reporting for the family to consolidate family assets, income and expenses 
  • Investment strategy and asset allocation 
  • PR advice and risk management

4. Structures and fiduciary services

  • Structures
  • Aircraft and yacht ownership and management
  • Trust administration
  • Company administration
  • Corporate Governance

5. Asset management

  • Real estate
  • Family shareholdings
  • Wealth management

6. Personal services

  • Travel
  •  Schools and health arrangements and funding

IQE does not provide tax, legal or investment advice but can make introductions from a range of independent professional advisers to match your family's needs and preferences.  IQE can provide one source of contact and we understand the need for trusted advisers where your privacy and safety are paramount.  A family office that is established in the home jurisdiction can be very practical but often it is not the best choice from a wealth preservation, safety and security perspective.  When considering where to locate a family office and possibly some members of the family there are many issues to consider and these include:-

Physical location  Irish sea – midway between Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England
Government Parliamentary non partisan democratic constitutional monarchy
Stability Oldest continuous parliament in the world founded over 1,000 years ago.
Tax £125,000 income tax cap, no IHT or CGT, 0/10% corporate tax
Security Lowest crime rates in British Isles
Weather Benign, temperate and mild
Education KWC and access to UK, good quality state schools
Access One hour to London City or Gatwick and less to various UK regional airports and boats to Liverpool and Heysham. Private Jet services.
Economy Economy - 30+ successive years economic growth
Credit Rating Aa1 Moody's
Health Local general hospital and access to UK
Leisure Golf, cycling, motor sport, water sports, team sports, outdoors
Space Total 572 km2 and low population density 131/km2
Population 84,497 (2011 census)
Residence No restrictions on ownership of property or residence
Tax transparency Top compliant rating from OECD based on peer review
Visas & Immigration Rules aligned with UK
Privacy BO's details required by CSP but not on public register
Access to advisers Top 7 accountants (ICAEW 2013) international law firms
Legislation Similar to England / Wales – robust and recognised
Lifestyle Safe, outdoors, water sports, TT, theatre, restaurants, cycling
Time zone GMT / BST
Natural disasters None
Language English
Banks Barclays, RBSI, HSBC, Lloyds, Standard Bank, Santander etc.
Investment houses WH Ireland, Cannacord Genuity, Thomas Miller, Capital International, Ramsey Crookall.

Where safety is an issue you can rest assured that the Isle of Man offers a safe haven from crime, natural disasters, terrorism and conflict and can provide a safe environment in which a family office could be based, whilst retaining ease of access to the UK and the rest of the world. 

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Having worked with IQE for a number of years I have come to appreciate their professional and proactive attitude to the work they undertake. Their helpful and efficient staff ensure that transactions are completed in a timely manner wherever possible. Richard Melhuish, FRICS, Director of Redefine International P.L.C.

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